About Valletta

Built around 450 years ago by French Grandmaster Jean De Vallette, Malta’s Capital City is truly a gem. Built soon after the Great Siege of 1565, Valletta was designed to be an impregnable fortress city. Designed by Italian architect Francesco Laparelli, Valletta’s streets house a collection of impressive Baroque architecture, airy squares, magnificent palaces, palazzinos and heritage houses, as well as magnificent Harbour views. It was graced by a multitude of famous artists and writers throughout the years: rebel painter Caravaggio, Master artist Mattia Preti, as well as writers Sir Walter Scott and Lord Byron.

Valletta’s walls bear witness to Malta’s rich history; from the Grand Masters Napoleon Bonaparte and Admiral Nelson’s British forces. From a walled City primarily built to keep the enemy out, today Valletta is a hub of art and culture, lifestyle, entertainment and commerce. To further entrench this openness, its main gate has now been turned into a grand entrance designed by world-renowned architect Renzo Piano.

Valletta, has been chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage City, and is also the European City of Culture for the year 2018.

Valletta offers a unique lifestyle. Whilst steeped in history, it also offers a contrast with what is modern, vibrant, and inspirational. Whether local or visitor, everyone feels at home in Valletta.


Valletta offers an array of fantastic properties for sale or to let, including beautiful baroque palazzos, designer apartments, and houses of character, all waiting to be explored and discovered.